Does this sound familiar?

  • Frustrated with everything & everyone?

    Do you frequently feel irritated and can’t seem to understand other people?

  • Difficulty remaining calm and in control?

    Do you wish you could keep your composure instead of regularly losing your head?

  • Constantly stressed and on edge?

    Are you often in a negative frame of mind and don’t know how to escape?

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How do I know it's for me?

Well, where are you currently at? How many of the following questions can you answer with a wholehearted ‘yes’? Our course is designed to increase your leadership skills and make this list more complete. Success involves taking 100% responsibility for the results you want to get.

  • I can easily connect with others.

  • I am willing to grow and be a lifelong learner.

  • I have the ability to be mindful in the moment so I can deal with challenges.

  • I am flexible and willing to stretch myself to achieve my goals.

  • I can successfully communicate with different personality types.

  • I know my emotional triggers and how to successfully deal with them.

  • I appreciate and celebrate my achieved goals.

  • I show myself kindness, just like I do with a family member or friend.

“Strategies are easily relatable and create a huge positive impact on businesses, teams and individuals. No matter what stage of your career or success Martin’s guide to big changes will help you achieve the right positive mindset.”

Kerry Brocks | CEO & Founder of the Asia Pacific Institute of Learning & Performance

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom.”

Jim Rohn

Who will I be learning from?

Instructor Martin Probst's Bio.

Martin is a #1 International Bestselling author, awarded Learning Professional of the Year at the 2019 Australian Learning Impact Awards.

The founder and CEO (Chief Education Officer) at PROfound Leadership, recognised as one of the ‘Top 10 Leadership Development Training/Coaching Companies’ in Asia Pacific, has extensive experience teaching human-centred leadership skills to many individuals and organisations across Australia and around the globe.

Known for skilfully guiding his diverse clientele towards their full potential, Martin’s simple-yet-effective, solution-based leadership strategies will enable you to successfully deal with any challenges in your professional life.
Martin Probst

What will I learn?

This course is for people who want to acquire simple-yet-effective personal resilience strategies that they can apply immediately. Want to listen-and-learn on the go? Prefer to watch a video? Rather read the text on your screen or download a workbook? You got it. Access the content in your preferred learning style! Click on the arrows below to expand the module sections and discover the leadership topics that are covered in this course.

    1. Course focus

    2. Introduction

    3. Before we begin...

    4. Pre-course snapshot

    1. The power of thought

    2. The power of thought [Activity]

    3. Personal commitment

    4. Helpful links

    5. Test your learning

    1. Mental and emotional connection

    2. Mental and emotional connection [Activity]

    3. What’s in our control – what’s not

    4. What’s in our control – what’s not [Activity]

    5. Personal commitment

    6. Helpful links

    7. Test your learning

    1. Introduction

    2. Mindfulness

    3. Mindfulness [Activity]

    4. Personal commitment

    5. Helpful links

    6. Test your learning

    1. Recap

    2. Personal commitment

    3. You almost reached the end

    4. Before you go...

What's included?

  • $50.00
  • 26 lessons
  • Over 1 hour of video content
  • Receive Certificate of Completion
  • Lifetime access to course content

“My focus on the inward journey is what catapulted my outward journey.”

Amber Rae

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