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Building Personal Resilience [52-page Workbook PDF]

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Would you like to know how to quicker and better bounce back from adversity, or to be able to show strength and leadership qualities when a challenging situation calls for it? There is an increasing need for resilience as a result of digital technologies and rising complexity. Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, or significant sources of stress. - Proactively developing your personal resilience improves your ability to cope with and even thrive during times of change, challenging situations, and obstacles that you face, so that you can turn stumbling blocks into steppingstones and setbacks into comebacks.
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Adopting useful and empowering beliefs [24-page PDF]

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Would you like to be an unstoppable force, surging towards your goals with unwavering determination? In the journey towards success, there is one vital element that distinguishes achievers from those who falter: the power of belief. - Don't let limiting beliefs hold you back any longer. This resource will empower you to embrace empowering beliefs that will alter the course of your life. Witness how belief can shape your reality and align your actions with your deepest convictions, leading to remarkable and awe-inspiring results.
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Understanding different kinds of motivation [16-page Workbook PDF]

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Do you sometimes feel like your comfort zone is shrinking around you, and you are pushed into the unknown where you don't like to be? Well, maybe you are unconsciously stuck in a 'moving away from' mindset, guided by your human brain that is inheritently designed for survival. - This insightful ebook explores the fundamental principle of 'Pain versus Pleasure,' revealing how our state of mind and motivation are influenced by these two driving forces. But it doesn't stop there. This PDF Download goes beyond theory, providing practical motivation hacks that will empower you to move yourself from a place of ‘away-from’ motivation to ultimately a place of ‘toward’ motivation and achieve incredible outcomes. Discover how to set clear goals, remove obstacles, and embrace the discomfort of growth, all while becoming a more influential leader.
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Personalised DISC Profile Report [26-page PDF]

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Did you ever wish you could achieve better outcomes when communicating with others? Understand your own behavioural style and preferences at the core? Or improve your relationships with any stakeholders? - DISC is a highly beneficial tool to assist us in recognising differences between people. It helps us understand ourselves and others better. By accepting, respecting, and adapting to these differences we can build long-term relationships and positive influence. - Get this 26-page customised report that helps you understand your own style, provides you with insights into DISC principles, and shows you how to apply your strengths or adapt your style to achieve better outcomes.
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I did it!: 16 Mindset Secrets [digital version]

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In this #1 Amazon Bestseller, you will discover 16 different secrets from successful entrepreneurs around the world, sharing their proven methods with you. It’s like having 16 mentors coaching you directly. - How did they do it? Do you often wonder what is that ‘One Secret’ that gives certain people the extraordinary tools to transform their lives? You may think, “If I know what they are, I can create my Ultimate life too!” From the book insights, you will be able to model the authors, use the exact same tactics and create your own success in your life. These are real people with real results. Anyone with a dream and passion can apply the secrets shared in this book and create their own success too. All you have to do is follow the step-by-step path they have laid out before you. One year from now, you could be living your Ultimate Life, whether it is in lifestyle, career, business, love – no matter what you desire!
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Leadership Journal [digital version]

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This 190-page A5 e-journal is not just another journal. It is a practical tool to inspire you so you can overcome the toughest challenges in today's busy and ever-changing environment, and take yourself to a whole new level of success! - It is a fundraiser (10% of the sales price goes to The Smith Family), an all-in-one checklist, goal-setting guide, goal-keeping planner, habit observer, eye opener, progress tracker, behaviour guide, inspirational quote compilation, and journal. - Get it today and never look back.
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